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Andy Portlock

Chief Executive Officer

“We continue to put creative, collaborative, people-first thought into our work for positive community impact.”

As CEO, Andy is responsible for overseeing, developing and delivering the business strategy of Hadley Property Group. He has over 20 years experience of in raising finance for growing businesses across a spectrum of sectors and has been a key member of the strategic team at Hadley since its inception in 2003.

Since then, he has been a key figure in the establishment, strategic planning and growth management of the company. Andy has a flair for converting financial analysis into operational delivery strategy and has developed analytical and operational tools for an array of businesses within both the leisure and property development industries.

From a finance-based background, Andy has raised debt funding for the development of more than £2bn of UK-based residential and mixed-use stock. In 2012, Andy formulated and delivered the development finance package for the Greenwich Square development, consisting of 686 homes along with a substantial community, leisure and commercial offering. Property Week described the package as the future template for development finance in the emerging market cycle.

As a key member of the Hadley Property Group board, he led the initiative to change the direction of the business and help steer the group through challenging markets. As the founder of the Property Banking Forum and a regular contributor to industry debates and Forum events, Andy has been instrumental in Hadley obtaining and holding its current position in the London property market.