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Blenheim Square, 
Penge High Street

The third addition to the Hadley Clarion joint venture portfolio will deliver a residential-led mixed-use scheme with new public realm, a range of new food and beverage options, retaining of much-loved local stores and a sustainable transport hub which will provide affordable, healthy transport solutions for everyone in the neighbourhood.

Since acquiring the site, which sits at the heart of the Penge High Street and is currently home to the Blenheim Shopping Centre, Hadley and Clarion have been working on proposals for a residential-led and mixed-use scheme in the area. Such proposals include the provision of high-quality housing, a new public square for Penge, play spaces, improved and greener links, and public improvements to the existing Arpley and Empire Squares.

Like in so many parts of London, a significant demand for housing is not currently being met in Bromley. This site presents an opportunity to deliver much-needed new homes for Penge. The development will provide approximately 250 new 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes, 35% of which will be affordable housing, with a 60/40 split between London Affordable / Social Rent and Shared Ownership / Intermediate respectively. This is part of Hadley's aim to design and deliver high-quality housing for Bromley across a range of tenures, helping to support mixed communities of all ages.

The proposals include a number of buildings that will be 3, 4, 6, 9 and 18 storeys in height. The development will be stepping down from the centre of the site, with the tallest element in the middle to mitigate impact to neighbouring residents as much as possible. The design of the proposed buildings has also been informed by the local existing character of Penge, incorporating elements typical of Penge’s Victorian heritage through the use of materials like red and buff brick.

In addition to new homes, approximately 2,600 sqm of exciting commercial space on the ground and first floors will be included in the development, offering services that respond to the existing and emerging local retail need. The

scheme will also offer new community spaces and commercial uses, as well as a sustainable transport hub, with the scope to open these opportunities to emerging and independent retailers. Winston Farquharson, a local business owner of SE20 Cycles, has been involved with our community projects with ambitions for him to be involved in our long-term scheme to provide active travel amenities to residents.

Additionally, greening will be a priority, with plans to place plants and greenery around the development and on roof spaces. Achieving a biodiversity net gain of 61% is expected on-site, well in excess of the 10% policy target set out by the GLA.


In June 2022, Hadley hosted the first round of consultation for the proposals, sharing early aspirations for the site and requesting feedback from the community on commercial uses and improvements for the community. Over 500 responses were received, which have been shared with the wider project for incorporation into the proposals. Another round of consultation then took place in October 2022, after additional community workshops held in September, where residents had a chance to view Hadley’s updated proposals, chat with members of the team and provide feedback on the scheme.

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