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Protecting The Planet

Enhancing environmental performance and contributing to tackling climate change.

Our design and consultant teams are as committed to environmental sustainability initiatives as we are. With robust project methodologies and considered design solutions, our commitments are based around the reduction of Co2 emissions and a clear route to net zero.

We put the principles of passive sustainable design, low energy systems and increased biodiversity at the centre of our approach to all our new developments. As part of our ongoing commitment to combating climate change, we have put in place a clearly defined strategy and process to reduce water use, and both operational and embodied carbon as a company and across all of our projects.

Wherever we work, we want to have a positive impact on local communities and encourage and create healthy living and working environments.


  • Reduce CO2 emissions on our projects helping to limit global warming to 1.5 °C through our 2030 Net Zero targets.

  • Improve biodiversity on our sites beyond GLA requirements, promote healthy living and peoples access to nature.

  • Collaborate with companies who share our Net Zero commitments and positively influence investors, stakeholders and industry peers.

  • Promote active, sustainable transport by including zero-carbon mobility hubs in each of our developments.

In addition to prioritising sustainable principles throughout the development process, we have also looked internally at the way in which we can do better for the planet as a company.

Hadley has achieved carbon neutrality and is committed to being carbon neutral in line with BSI. PAS2060:2014, using the UN-approved Carbon Offset Platform ‘Gold Standard’ to do so. We have also made a commitment to shrink the carbon footprint of our London office further, working towards the 2030 50% reduction in regulated and unregulated carbon emissions, in line with UNFCCC Race To Zero.

Seeking opportunities for further reductions, we have engaged an independent assessor, Climate ResilienceCompany, to help us define, measure, target and reduce Hadley’s own carbon footprint. Based on our findings, we have ​​produced an internal Carbon Management Plan to guide the implementation of these changes and set out our pathway to achieving a zero carbon future without offsets

For more detail see our recent ESG report.