Empowering Communities

Creating places that integrate communities and support residents and neighbours in leading happy, healthy, lives.

Regeneration must deliver a positive impact. We recognise that we have a large part to play in ensuring that our spaces are as inclusive as possible, so that they can be enjoyed by all.

By getting to know our local community, supporting, listening, and engaging with them, we have fostered relationships that last. Our staff also play an active role in our communities; volunteering with local schools and charities and mentoring disadvantaged groups and community organisations to advance social mobility. We also work in partnership with local organisations to ensure that our social value priorities and outcomes support local societal priorities and community wellbeing.

We are committed to delivering social value through all our projects. Our goal is to improve outcomes and leave a positive legacy in the communities in which we develop.

Whilst our developments will bring an influx of new people to a site and area, we are mindful that we work in established communities and want to ensure that our developments tangibly benefit these communities.


  • Be ambitious in making positive social change in every community where we develop, and look for opportunities at the beginning of our involvement on a site
  • Prioritise partnerships with local organisations to maximise our social value impact and collaborate to build a more equitable society
  • Regularly review our approach to social value and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that our efforts are effective
  • Take steps to diversify our team and be representative of the communities we work in
  • Use our digital ingenuity to develop and maintain interactive tools which allow our communities and colleagues to access and understand the social value activities provide