Transforming Betts Park: Hadley Property Group's Commitment to Community Renewal

In partnership with Friends of Betts Park, Hadley have helped improve the play area in Betts Park, Anerley, supporting work undertaken by idverde, Bromley Council’s parks and greenspaces contractor.
Published Fri 22 Sep 2023

We are thrilled to share the incredible journey of Betts Park's revitalisation in partnership with Friends of Betts Park, alongside the dedicated efforts of Idverde, Bromley Council’s parks and green spaces contractor.

Completed in July 2023, our investment brought forth a playground makeover, featuring fresh basketball court markings, anti-slip enhancements, vibrant tarmac, and three new play area benches. We're grateful for Bromley Council's contribution from the Platinum Jubilee Parks Fund, which added engaging floor decorations like hopscotch, alphabet shapes, and learn-to-ride markings.

"We’re really pleased that Hadley are taking an interest in our community. Good public spaces are important for everyone in these difficult times, and we love it when people are willing to help. We’re very proud of our park and know that the investment has helped improve the space and made a difference to everyone who uses this play area."

Walter Leonard

Chair of the Friends of Betts Park

Green spaces are the heartbeats of surrounding communities, and we're dedicated to ensuring Betts Park remains a cherished resource for residents and visitors alike, year-round.

For more ways to support or get involved with Friends of Betts Park, visit their website at Together, we're making a lasting impact!

"We are proud to support the Friends of Betts Park in their efforts to continue to improve the park. As a responsible developer, we believe in investing in the communities we develop and improving vital community resources".

Matt Griffiths-Rimmer

Director of Communications and Partnerships, Hadley Property Group

In tandem, we're excited to share our ongoing commitment to the redevelopment of the Blenheim Centre, Penge, in partnership with Clarion Housing Group. This project aims to deliver 250 new homes, with 35% dedicated to affordable housing, complemented by a vibrant public square, enhanced commercial offerings, sustainable transport options, and a brand-new pocket park.

Since acquiring the site, we have been actively engaging with the communities of Penge and wider Bromley, collaborating with local schools, community groups, and charities to foster social value. Through our collaboration with London Calling, the Blenheim Centre rooftop has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind street art gallery, showcasing talent from near and far.

Visualisation of the scheme