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The Penge Rooftop Gallery

In April 2022, we opened London’s first street art rooftop gallery on the top two floors of the Blenheim Centre.
Published Mon 8 Aug 2022

As part of this meanwhile use project, we partnered with London Calling, a non-profit group that curates street art all over Southeast London.

Since its opening, the space has constantly been evolving, with street artists from around the world making their mark on the rooftop and the level below.

On the 20th of August, we hosted our first community day, partnering with local businesses and London-based charities to bring locals together on the rooftop. Winston Farquharson (or Winnie), who runs a cycle shop in Penge, was there on the day to provide free bike repairs. Danai Yoga, who usually runs classes from Anerly, hosted a free yoga session in addition to her weekly Saturday classes on the rooftop. We also partnered with Neko Trust, connecting us with a young artist who performed throughout the day. A smoothie bike was also available for locals to take for a spin, provided by our long-term charity partner, Bike Works.

The space has become home to some fantastic artwork, many of which have significant or personal meanings behind them.

Ukrainian artist Sidok painted this piece, depicting the Russian symbol of invasion being bent, representing the resistance of the Ukrainian people.

Abraham.O, a Salvadoran artist, painted this realistic portraiture of someone he met and photographed in his homeland. The artwork is called ‘Don’t Touch Me', symbolic of child rights abuses.

We also collaborated with London-based art group AeroArts, who provided a workshop to local schoolchildren to design this finished piece.

London Calling is constantly curating the space, bringing in new artists to become a part of the gallery. Following on from our summer events, we're excited to continue with more themed events planned for the autumn and winter.

If you would like to see the gallery's virtual exhibition space, you can do so via this link.