Hadley Rides Out: Raising Awareness of the Best Way to Get Around London, whatever the time of day or night

Published Wed 31 Aug 2016

It may seem like a long way off, but we're making plans for next year's National Bike Week with a partnership with our friends at Buro Happold Engineering.

What started as an idea for a light-hearted cycle tour around Hadley's various development sites in London is quickly shaping up to be something more exciting and impactful, thanks to a partnership between ourselves and the Smart Mobility team over there at the respected engineering group. We are currently working with Buro on several schemes across the UK and this is a good chance to cement our partnership further.

Delivering housing schemes should be about providing long-term solutions helping to improve the standard of living for a development's residents. Health and wellbeing runs through our schemes from design onwards. Facilitating healthy changes in lifestyle for the people who live in our homes should be a duty of care for the industry, and not just the public sector...

Often in London, you simply need to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Life moves fast, and being on two wheels gives you the chance to cut through the rush, and avoid getting caught in the crawl. But this isn't always the case, and riders are giving more and more thought to cycling as a lifestyle choice. Sometimes fast isn't the only option. How can we help people take into account the levels of pollution that various routes suffer from? How safe a route is? How child-friendly? What if was software that takes into account the busiest times to travel, how congested those routes are, and which have the best levels of illumination?

As we progress our work, we'll keep you updated as it unfolds. Watch this space!