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Something beautiful amidst the rubble

Parts of our Camberwell Road site are due for demolition. Before they come down, we thought a little culture may be appropriate for a site with such history...
Published Thu 8 Oct 2015

A large number of development sites sit empty for a long time prior to demolition and construction programmes beginning - our scheme at Camberwell was one location where that would have been a terrible waste. Home to an old painting workshop and positively brimming with character, we opened it up to a number of local musicians, chefs and entertainers - and had the quietest bank holiday party in London of the year.

Two bands, a number of DJs, food stands and live graffiti murals created during the event - and all amplified sound was broadcasted to the headphones you were given at the entrance.

And - just as we promised our neighbours, you could hear a pin drop.

A few weeks after this, we asked our friends at Mahogany Music shoot if they would like to shoot any of the acoustic music videos at any of our sites. They had loved the bank holiday event so much that they only had one venue in mind, and so we were back in SE1 the next day.

Take a look at the shoots below. Garden City Movement and Charlie Cunningham, two of the brightest talents in the Mahogany staple.