Skating On Thin Ice

We're very proud of our extended family's silver medal performance in the Four Continents Figure Skating Championship last month. Read all about it here
Published Fri 2 Feb 2018

When he's not poring over spreadsheets and ensuring that development cashflows are running like clockwork, our financial analyst Trevor Firus can be found en route to international figure skating tournaments across the world. His mission? To support his sons out in the field, where they are both skaters of international renown...  

Shane Firus and Carolane Soucisse, who both live and train in Montreal, Quebec, recently won the Silver medal at the Four Continents Figure Skating Competition in the Ice Dance category with a personal best score of 164.96.  The competition took place in Taipei and is usually a precursor to the World Championships or in this case, the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The pair recently finished 4th at the Canadian Championships in Vancouver, which earned them the trip to Taipei. Although they are not going to the Olympics this year, they are set to go to the World Championships in Milan in late March 2018, and - if they continue at this pace, to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 

  Inspired by a cheeky Enrique Iglesias Samba number in their short program and then kicking it up with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's “I Won’t Dance” in their longer free program, you can see highlights at the link below. Shane’s older Liam is also a figure skater and competes in Men’s Singles at the International level. Good luck to the Firus clan, their partners and we'll look forward to seeing them again on the podium soon... 

See the highlights here: