Josh Feder's 'Seed' deals head on with issues which a growing number of our city's teenagers face. We were more than happy to support the team as they take it to the big screen...
Published Wed 18 Apr 2018

In recent years, we have supported the production of short films whenever possible, and with only one stipulation - that each movie we get involved in raises awareness of issues that are important to us, and are relevant to the cities in which we live and work. We have and will always maintain that development is far more than bricks and mortar - a sense of community, of place and of belonging can be just as crucial as the roof over your head. 

It was for that reason that we jumped at the chance to get involved when we were approached by producer Shelley Jones two years ago. Shelley wanted us to help her to get ‘The Nest’ made, a now award-winning 22-minute piece of social realism starring ‘This is England’s Vicky McClure. The film was a hard-hitting and thought-provoking conversation about the pressure placed on a family by their impending eviction and ensuing descent into homelessness. The critically-acclaimed short gathered plaudits across the industry, and was selected for Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Tampere International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Liverpool International Film Festival and a number of others.

And so, when Shelley approached us about working together again, we were more than happy to help and keen to get things moving. We’re now at a point where the shoot of ‘Seed’ is now completed, and we are looking forward to seeing the final cut. Directed by Josh Feder, the film deals with different but no less pressing issues.  A young Muslim boy returns home to his estate following his being held by the police without charge, where he takes his place beneath the wing of a radical cleric. The ensuing battle between Adel’s family and the cleric is for Adel’s soul, with the young man forced to choose between two wildly different ways of life. 

On location in Leytonstone shooting 'Seed'

 ‘Seed’ was commissioned by the Waltham Forest and Redbridge Borough Eastern Edge Film Fund, as part of Film London’s London Calling 2018 scheme. It is loosely informed by screenwriter Sami El-Hadi’s own experiences of growing up as an East Londoner (Sami was born and raised in Leytonstone) with Egyptian heritage. 

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