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Getting hot meals to those who need it most

At Hadley, work closely with and in our local communities to gain a full understanding of local needs, so we can deliver positive social impact through development…
Published Fri 18 Sep 2020

While engaging with these communities has always been a key part of Hadley’s approach, we know that COVID-19 has added extra pressure to community projects. and impacted the most vulnerable people in society the hardest of all - particularly those without close networks around them.

We saw this as a challenge to up our game in helping out the communities where we develop by providing additional assistance. Over the summer, we began an internal volunteering programme, encouraging every member of the Hadley team to take some time in their working day to volunteer with initiatives in the four neighbourhoods work in.

We kicked off this initiative by joining forces with Neighbours in Poplar to support its food bank which continues to provide 150 hot meals to residents of Tower Hamlets every week.

Every Friday morning from 9am to 12pm, at least two members of our team help out at Neighbours in Poplar by peeling vegetables, packing cold lunches and assisting with local deliveries. And the programme has been very popular: over half the team have volunteered at least once and really enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

Hadley has also donated £1,000 worth of ASDA vouchers to Neighbours in Popular to be shared with those most in need, and we continue to look for more ways to work together in support.

We’re looking forward to discovering new ways of interacting with and supporting our local communities as part of our continued community engagement efforts.