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Empowering Communities Through Partnership: Introducing Stratford Gateway

At the heart of everything we do at Hadley is the desire to create social value for the communities we build in. In this spirit, we have partnered with training facility, Stratford Gateway, who now run their courses from our Stratford site, IQL North.
Published Wed 31 May 2023

As part of our ongoing dedication to creating social value through our on-site activities pre-development, we are glad to announce that we have partnered with Elite Project Services to deliver a new training facility, Stratford Gateway, at our Stratford site, IQL North.

Stratford Gateway is a training facility that offers a wide range of courses in the rail, infrastructure, and construction industries. The facility is part of Elite Project Services, founded by Martin Dunne in 2018, which offers prison-based training programs. They offer 70 different courses, including First Aid and Mental Health courses, and have so far delivered 28 days of training, across 13 different companies. Their mission also goes beyond just vocational training, making a tangible difference in the lives of young people not in education or training (NEETs), ex-offenders, and local residents who face barriers to employment opportunities. By providing quality training programs and up-skilling individuals, the initiative empowers these individuals to access fulfilling career paths within these industries.

“Opening our doors in Stratford is a major milestone for our training programme. Situated in a prime London gateway location, it enables us to offer hundreds of people the help they really need, when they need it most. Having spent years in and out of prison, I’m aware of what it takes to get out of that situation and what the course participants must do now to rebuild their lives.”

Martin Dunne, Founder and CEO of Elite Project Services

By leveraging existing networks and working hand-in-hand with community organisations, Stratford Gateway ensures that its services reach those who need them most. They work closely with a number of charities, such as BounceBack, A Fairer Chance, Shaw Trust and Stand Out, supporting people with complex needs into good work.

“Working with Martin and the team is a breath of fresh air - they’re passionate about change and the positive impact that a second chance can give to people. We want to make sure that the amazing opportunities that the park has to offer are open to all Londoners - and this initiative gives us the chance to help make that happen".

Matt Grifiths-Rimmer, Director of Communications and Partnerships

Stratford Gateway has also recently achieved London Living Wage accreditation, a testament to their commitment to fair wages and employee well-being.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to fostering social progress and generating positive impact through our pre-development activities.

To find out more or to book a course, visit their website: