Collaborating is the Future

Summer engagement in the LightHouse and Gardens
Published Mon 4 Sep 2023

At Hadley, fostering collaboration and encouraging the sharing of resources is central to the way we work. This is demonstrated at our meanwhile community well-being hub and growing gardens, The Lighthouse and Gardens, with some exciting and creative summer school courses and activities.

We are thrilled to have joined forces with so many well-established and successful local organisations over the past few months, most recently Newham Music and D-Lab Studios, who both offer a wide range of educational opportunities for locals of all ages.

D-Lab Summer School

Located adjacent to our IQL North (IQLN) site in Mirabelle Gardens, D-Lab London is a community maker space that offers educational programs and mentorship to encourage creativity and innovation. An open-access maker facility, D-Lab helps to prepare the next generation of creative professionals for the future economy.

This summer, The Lighthouse proudly hosted one of D-Lab's maker courses, 'From Dust to Dust - Design and Build.' The course featured indoor theory and design sessions at The Lighthouse, with the final build and delivery of a stunning Garden Sculpture in the Gardens. Led by a team of professional architects, participants were taken on a journey of architectural design, exploring a live site, engaging in expert talks, and gaining hands-on experience with sustainable building materials. These skills are invaluable for aspiring designers and architects, with the added opportunity to independently design and construct a full-scale structure as a team.

The finished sculpture, crafted from compressed earth bricks, serves as an invitation for garden visitors to plant seeds between the bricks. Over time, the structure will transform into a living, growing artwork as the bricks disintegrate and the plants take over. We can't wait to witness the evolution of this masterpiece and are excited about future collaborative projects with D-Lab.

It was also great to see Newham's mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz, make the trip down to visit the gardens on the day. These collaborations not only involve sharing resources and spaces but also fostering networks that support local creative talent.

"Wonderful meanwhile use to create an oasis of green space for locals to enjoy, learn and use."

Rokhsana Fiaz

Newham Mayor

Newham Music: Inspiring the Next Generation of Musicians

Since becoming an independent charity in 1996, Newham Music has offered amazing opportunities to countless young people throughout the borough. They collaborate with local schools, cultural organisations, and community groups to bring exciting musical experiences to the doorstep of Newham's newest generation. Supported by public funding from the Department of Education through Arts Council England, they impact over 15,000 children and young people annually.

Hadley had the privilege of hosting Newham Music's summer schools at The Lighthouse and Gardens, featuring "Gig School" for 12–18-year-olds and "Singing School" for 12-16-year-olds. Gig School provides budding musicians with the opportunity to jam with peers, experience playing in a band, and culminate their journey with a performance on our garden bandstand. Meanwhile, Singing School immerses participants in the world of musical theatre, where they sing songs from musicals, create a show, and learn stagecraft, storytelling, scriptwriting, vocal techniques, and theatre skills. They also gain valuable insights into working in the performing arts.

We look forward to working more with Newham Music. After all, following the USA, the UK stands as the second-largest exporter of music in the world.

At Hadley, collaboration is not just a buzzword, but a philosophy. We believe that by working together, we can inspire creativity, learning, and growth within our community, making IQL North's The Lighthouse and Gardens a hub of creativity, innovation and opportunity for all. Watch this space to see how our collaborations and networks continue to evolve and expand.

For more information about D-Lab and their remarkable work, please visit their website here.

For more information about Newman Music and their coming free events and learning opportunities visit their website here.