Breaking Down the Barriers to Entry

Our partnership with the east London theatre group has been established to support their ongoing work in educating young people on the value and diversity of different career paths in the theatre industry…
Published Tue 8 Sep 2020

At a time when the UK arts and cultural industries are facing an existential threat, we are delighted to be supporting the Half Moon Theatre in Limehouse with a very important initiative for young adults: Careers in Theatre.

Prejudice against careers in the arts has existed for decades, with roles in the creative and performative industries often disregarded, dismissed or deemed unsuitable for young people to get into. Half Moon are working hard to change these misconceptions and introduce the youth of East London to the full spectrum of career avenues that the theatre industry has to offer.

And the opportunities are vast - from practical vocations such as set design, soundtrack composition and sound / lighting engineering to commercial roles in marketing and trailer production, it is a truly multi-faceted industry.

And what better way to educate young people on the industry than hands-on workshops where students get to discover every element of real-life theatre-making?

Half Moon offer 14-18 year-old secondary school students a unique opportunity to come together and participate in an all-day practical session guided by a team of 15 industry professionals with many years’ experience, supported by theatre students from local universities.

Student participants work on script extracts written by professional writers and spend the day in small groups working across the disciplines, before seeing their work realised in a short stage production.

Wherever in London we find ourselves, Hadley is always keen to find new ways of engaging and working with local communities. This partnership with Half Moon is a great opportunity for us to get involved and support the theatre industry and the young people of East London, at a time when it needs it most.

We’re looking forward to setting these workshops into motion in a few months’ time. Stay tuned!

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