Inspiring the next generation of DJs

We’ve just formed a brand-new partnership with innovative music education provider, FutureDJs, offering young people professional DJing courses from their homes. It’s going to be a game changer…
Published Thu 17 Sep 2020

We announced this week we’re partnering with the brilliant Future DJs to support its new initiative - delivering online electronic music courses to school children via its cutting-edge virtual classroom technology.

FutureDJs has been working in schools for more than five years, since DJing and electronic music production was first added to the UK music curriculum in 2015. In recent years they have been reaching hundreds of schoolchildren with the help of a star-studded line up of heavyweight industry ambassadors including Goldie, Ghetts, and Tiffany Calver.

“Making music education accessible and unlocking young people’s creativity are central to our purpose at FutureDJs. Working with organisations who share this mission is key to achieving what we’re going to do, and that’s why our work with Hadley and Clarion is so exciting.”

Austen Smart

Co-Founder of FutureDJs

As part of our ongoing partnership with Clarion Housing Group, Hadley and Clarion Futures will be subsidising a programme of weekly lessons provided by FutureDJs which will be available, completely free of charge, to young students living in Goodmayes and Colliers Wood - two our the neighbourhoods in which we are working.

Participants will take sessions in producing, DJing and MCing - and now, since evolving the digital technology to ensure that the programme is completely Covid-proof, students will be able to participate from their own homes. The platform, which you can see in the photo above, is called Virtuoso. It’s the only DJ platform that’s accredited by the London College of Music.

Future DJs will host its first London studio space as part of our development on Goodmayes High Road, in Redbridge. And while the site is being developed, Hadley and Clarion will be exploring temporary studio locations for Future DJs.

“Future DJs has set about changing the way that music education is delivered, and it’s inspiring to all of us – not just the children and young adults on its programmes. Nothing brings people together like music, and in a world that’s becoming more and more fragmented, this is something that will deliver genuine change to those who really need it.”

Matt Griffiths-Rimmer

Director of Communications and Partnerships at Hadley Property Group

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