Sport Inspired

Sport England partner and national charity SportInspired

Using sport to support mental and physical wellbeing amongst local primary school children

SportInspired exists so that every child, regardless of background can develop the confidence and courage to follow their dreams. Their vision is for every 8-9 year-old living in the UK’s most deprived places to reap the life-long benefits of sport, reaching 145,000 children each year from 2030.

They connect a diverse community of stakeholders to create sustainable networks that help children and young people from deprived communities to thrive. They engage 12 to 18-year-olds as Young Leaders to support younger children, developing their own skills and giving back to the community simultaneously.

The programmes instil self-belief, increase activity levels, improve wellbeing and bring fractured communities together in new and engaging ways.

We sponsor a programme of Festivals of Sport, inspiring local children, young adults and community groups in East London with sports-related activities to help improve mental and physical health, wellbeing and teamwork.