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What we do

Hadley sits comfortably amongst the capital’s top tier of developers, with more than 1,200 high-quality homes delivered across London and the South-East.

Our portfolio extends across the length and breadth of the city. We are focused on and are extremely passionate about our key two areas:

Our waterfront development at Blackwall Yard

Residential-led mixed-use schemes

The bulk of our planning and delivery pipeline is made up of mixed-use schemes, which feature in prominent boroughs around England's capital and in other major UK cities. From acquisition onwards we work closely with both the community and the local authority in order to ensure that wherever we develop, our neighbours are affected as positively as the individuals, couples and families who move into our homes.

Our Greenwich development

Large-scale, regeneration projects

Usually delivered by working closely with local authorities, the GLA and private joint venture partners, these are the long-term delivery projects which play their part in shaping the city for years to come. An example of this is South Grove, in Walthamstow. We acquired the site when it had planning for a supermarket and 245 homes, but through innovative funding and by working with both the London Borough of Waltham Forest and L&Q, we have now submitted amended plans for 518 homes - 55% of which are affordable.

Our development in Redbridge, in partnership with Clarion Housing Group

You’ll find our reputation as a dynamic, creative and ethical developer growing as each live scheme achieves completion. To put it simply - we produce excellent investment value and intelligent living spaces through the simple and effective combination high-quality design and cutting edge delivery methods.

A comprehensive consultation programme which begins prior to site acquisition and develops into extensive public engagement further enables the growth and assistance which all of the communities we work with need, and ensures that the schemes contain the most relevant and necessary community features. There’s nothing complicated about this - we simply ensure that we’re speaking to the right people about their needs, and respond accordingly.